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We're experiencing a heat wave here in the Northeast this week and it is hot, hot, hot.  I thought I was sort of used to the heat being from Kansas and all, but in Kansas we didn't have to go underground and try and breathe the thick muggy air while waiting for the subway.  Oh what I would do for a car with air conditioning that could take me door to door.

The other night after a sweaty family walk around the block (we can literally only go around the block in this heat with Lily), we were looking for something tasty and cold.  I pulled these out of the freezer and you would have thought I presented Al with a plate of gold he was so excited.
I can't remember my main inspiration for these - I'm sure it was probably Ina Garten, but I also saw it on Pioneer Woman this past Saturday.  It doesn't matter who thought of it first because the concept is fantastic, easy, and combines two of my favorite foods.
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich "Recipe"

Step 1::: Take two cookies of your choice - store bought or homemade.  The cookie here is important.  You don't want something too soft and chewy that will just absorb the ice cream and get soggy.  You need something firm and hard.  I used my favorite, Tate's, and they were perfect for this.

Step 2:::  Take one scoop of softened ice cream and place on one cookie.  We used vanilla frozen yogurt but I made these again recently with coffee frozen yogurt.  Place remaining cookie on top forming a sandwich.  Squeeze to smoosh the ice cream between the cookies.

Step 3:::  Wrap in plastic wrap (or just put on a plate and throw the plate in the freezer) and re-freeze for at least 30 minutes.

Step 4::: Devour.

Stay cool out there kids.

{images by me}
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