weekend recap

Oh, Monday.
I wouldn't dislike you so much if you didn't make me wake up early and leave my precious sleeping pup.
Another weekend of fun for us - although I'm already starting to panic that it's mid-June and that the summer seems to be going by quicker than ever.

Here are a few pictures.....

I met Al for a late dinner Friday night at one of our favorite neighborhood spots, L&W.
Two words - Lobster BLT.

Al had some "help" with his work on Saturday.
This dog would walk through hot coals for peanut butter toast - or just put her giant rear on the tiny couch ledge.

A quick jaunt in the park resulted in a "rest period" for Lily before she would walk home.

In the afternoon we had plans to meet friends at Willy Wall.
Only to get down there and learn it was closed for a private party that day.
A quick long walk around the bottom of Manhattan and we found ourselves at Beekaman's
Not a bad view for a back-up venue, eh?

Two of my most fun friends.

Very lovely afternoon.

Then it was burgers and beers at White Hourse,  followed by karaoke.
I mean, what else would we do?
Al and I have really perfected our parts for Wilson Phillips 'Hold On'...

...I really take it home on the last chorus (embarrassing).
If only my voice could back up such confident moves.

Sunday coffee on the way to the park.
The entire coffee shop was laughing at Lily watching me through the window.
I think next time we try to line her face up with those glasses on the store logo?

Father-daughter stroll for Father's Day.

And the only way a birthday week should end - with (more) steak!
Al requested Keen's Steakhouse for his birthday meal - the place has been around for 128 years!

And a quick shout out to my pops - Happy Father's Day!
Thanks for providing me with a lifetime supply of corny jokes and air-leg guitar moves.
So much love.

Ended our weekend with Father's Day snugs.
This dog, people, she is seriously our child.
It is bad. Real bad.

Hope you had a lovely few days.
Here's to an easy week.


{photos by me}
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