vent session

I usually try to keep things positive on here.  Even when doling out etiquette advice, I try to keep it nice and not bossy.  But today, I'm afraid I need to break that up-beat tone for one quick second.  Bear with me here while I vent...

PEOPLE OF THE WORLD (spice up your life).  
Spice Girls easily side tracks me. 
Let's start again.  

PEOPLE OF THE WORLD PEOPLE WHO READ THIS BLOG - for the love of clothes please, please, 
PLEASE remove the darn tack 'X' stitch on your skirts and jackets.

You know what I'm talking about.  
This thing. 
That holds the slit/vent/pleat of your skirts and jackets together.
That stitch is REMOVABLE.  It is made to be removed.  

It is there only to keep the clothes crisp in store and easy to transport.  It is NOT there to make you walk teeny tiny steps in your pencil skirt because you have a four inch area in which to move your legs. It is NOT there to ruffle up on your rump in your suit jacket.  

I can't begin to explain the amount of grown humans I see running around with their tacking stitch still in place.  The most expensive of suits quickly looks ridiculous on someone when they keep the X in the back.

So please people, turn around and check out the back of yourself before leaving the house.  Still have that X stitch there?  Take your finger/butter knife/letter opener/seam ripper and gently slide it underneath, break the seam, and pull out the threads.  NOW you look pulled together.  
Okay, vent session (pun intended) over.  
I just really needed to get that off my chest.  
Dose this drive anyone else crazy or am I just hypersensitive to it?
I promise to not be so shout-y tomorrow.


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