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Al often says I have entrée envy when we go out to eat.  Despite reading every last word on a menu (and often reading reviews online beforehand), I sometimes - I'd say about 50% of the time - wish I got what someone else at the table ordered.  Sometimes I even wish I got what the table next to us ordered.  It's not to say I don't like my own entrée - I think it's just a case of wanting what I don't have.

And now, I'm afraid, my envy has spread from my plate to my home.  To a particular room that remains half finished after three years in our apartment - our bedroom.  We have a bed and nice lamps (you can see them a little in this post, although the photos are wretched), but everything else I'd like to throw out the window.

The problem that I'm having is that I just can't decide what I want to do in there.  I like everything I see.  I can't pick just one style or feeling.  Not to mention, our layout is difficut.  Two walls are floor to ceiling windows so that leaves us with a whole lot of furniture on one side of the room.  It's also hard because I need to buy so many pieces of furniture - bed side tables, armoires, storage pieces - that I just sort of get stuck.

Last night I was "doing my homework" (that's what my mom and I call it when we go through our stacks and stacks of catalogs) and I fell in love with the bedroom choices from Williams Sonoma Home.  But again, I can't pick just one idea and go with it.  I'm constantly changing my mind.  You'll see what I mean...

These two are my favorites. I like the grays and whites and serene feeling from this first room.

But I like the crispness and bold patterns of this room.

Moral of the story is I still don't know what I want, but those are two pretty rooms.
Do you have a preference?  I think I need professional help on this one...

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