thursday finds

I'm writing to you this morning from beautiful Lawrence, Kansas!
Feels so so good to be back home (although the amount that I miss Al and Lily is a bit redic).
Since I'm taking the next two days off work, I'm giving you your Friday Finds a day early. 

Here's what I liked from the web this week.
Enjoy catching up while I'm on the boat with  dad and then a marathon shopping with mom tomorrow. 
This hotel looks neat.
Can't wait to see it once it's finished.

This is awesome!
Def going there when I'm back next weekend.
It seems so romantic to me.

I'm in love with this apartment and her interview.
So chic yet playful.

This made me laugh.
If only they weren't real.

A view on selfies.

Al and I are both huge American Psycho fans (not sure what that says about us),
which is why I shreiked when I read this!
("Because I want to fit in.")

You guys.
Heaven is here on Earth.
I mean...j'adore times a million.

Enjoy the rest of your week!
I'll be back Monday with a big recap.


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