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It's supposed to reach 90 degrees for the first time this summer here in New York.  It has me excited for a full summer ahead of us.  But I'm also weary of those sweat-filled subway rides, smelly curb-side trash, and lack of a pool in my back yard (well, and lack of a yard for that matter).  

I love the first few days of summer.  There's so much optimism floating around.
A clean slate almost.  A new season of adventures and field trips (yes, I still go on grown up field trips).  A new season of clothes! Oh how I'm excited to don my maxi dresses and mini skirts and flip flops.

Ever summer Al and I make a  To Do List of things we want to accomplish, sites we want to see, food we want to eat.  When I was little my only plans all summer were to go to the pool every day and read 100 books.  I would still very much like to have that be my plan this summer, but alas adulthood screws it all up.  We seem to have come up with a pretty good list, despite being adults. :)  Some travel, some food, a few chores thrown in and LOTS of time outside, here is our Summer To Do List.
(Psst, if you're coming to NYC this summer, these are some great things to add to your itinerary.)

Sheep Meadow in Central Park is one of my favorite places to be in the entire world.  I love catching rays with friends over cheese, bread, and rosé hidden in in water bottles (shh!).  It's fun to stare at the skyline off in the distance and be surrounded by hundreds of other city-dwellers (see photo above).

We head to France at the end of July for 11 days.  Paris, then Provence, and ending the trip with a few days in St. Tropez.  I've been researching for months (as you know), and I'm SO excited.  We have our hotels, flights, and trains all set - now for the really fun part - researching the restaurants!

While we're (what seems like) one of the few in the city who don't have a beach house for the summer, we do make it to the beach at least a few times a year.  We've gone to Jones Beach, Rockaway Beach, Fire Island and the Jersey Shore before.  All are very near the city, making it fairly easy to cure my Ocean-fix.  Plus, we'll have some beautiful beach time in St. Tropez!

Being from Kansas City, we love us some BBQ.  While we don't have a deck/grill/patio to make our own, there are lots of options for us in the city.  In June we always make sure to hit up the Big Apple BBQ.  And we're thinking of making a field-trip to our old stomping grounds in Morning Side Heights to get some Dinosaur BBQ - some of the best in NYC, if you ask me.

We're really excited to try out the new Citi Bike system.  It works perfectly for our plan to head up to Dinosaur BBQ - a long ride along the Hudson all the way up to Harlem and back.  We've also rented bikes a few times in the city and have loved riding all over the island - although I stay towards the paths near the water - riding in the streets still makes me nervous.

Yes, curtains.  This is our only home-improvement/chore item on the list.  We have decided to stay in our current apartment for two more years and the only thing I really NEED (emphasis on need here, there are several other "wants" on my list) to finish are some custom draperies.  Al is just beyond excited for this one. ;) 

This one seems easy enough.  We plan to hit up each of our favorite spots - Frying Pan, Willy Wall, Boat Basin, Beeckman's - at least once.  Buckets of beer, a water view, and friends.  Summer doesn't get better than that.

We have so much to celebrate this summer - engagements and weddings, friends moving to New York, friends leaving New York (sniff sniff), Al's 28th birthday, our two year wedding anniversary, and my mom's TEN year anniversary with out cancer. Lots of reason to cheers, get pretty, and feel the love.

What's on your Summer To Do list?  
I'd love to hear what you have planned.
Cheers to a summer full of fun!

{image by me}
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