friday finds

Happy Friday!
Don't you just love Fridays before long weekends? 
I think we're one of the few who are not leaving NYC this weekend.
I like it that way. 
It seems less crowded (as long as you avoid tourist zones) and a little quieter.

We have top secret plans tomorrow.
I few weeks back, I mentioned off-hand to Al that I'm the one who usually plans our dates since I'm more of the planner in our relationship (are you surprised here?).
I think I offended him a bit, as he is now planning a date for us and he has been very hush hush about it.
All I know is I need to be ready at five and to "wear something dressy but summer dressy not formal and we might do some walking so don't wear shoes that hurt." :) 
I'll be sure to let you know where he takes me.

Meantime, here are some links worth clicking.

This has been shared around the web this week.
And for good reason.
What a remarkable person.

The latest battle in our house these days is me explaining to Al that he cannot wear socks with his boat shoes.
These should help us.


New favorite for your digits.

Don't be afraid of frying chicken!
Also, I love the title of the article.
When in doubt, use an R. Kelly reference.
(via Amateur Gourmet)

Hope you have a spectacular long weekend.
See you back here Tuesday morning!

P.S. SLOTH RINGS! (so random)

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