weekend recap

Another easy, breezy weekend.
Feeling a bit sad to head back to work today.
Mondays are always so hard after a stellar weekend and when you know you're in for a busy week.
But, chin up.
The sun is shinning and I got a good nights sleep.
Here are a few pics from our weekend...


I was in need of a serious wind down on Friday.
Lavender bubble bath and some sparkling rose were just the trick.
I was calm and relaxed by the time Al got home.
(Do you like me luxurious super luxe brand of bubble bath?  
Don't judge. It's the best.)

Saturday morning we were up and ready to take on the beautiful day.
First some menu planning and Ego waffles, though.
I forgot how good Egos are; the trick is you have to put butter in each little square before you add the syrup. 
Healthy, huh?

Then on our way out the door we got sidetracked and cleaned out Al's closet.
Do you think he has enough pairs of multi-colored shorts?

Finally, we made it out of the house.
Only to turn the corner and realize there was a street fair down 6th Avenue.
The first of the season; always the best.
We ate corn dogs all the way down to West Elm.

After some shopping it was time for some bench sitting at the park.
Everything is blooming and greening.

Our little shadow puppet.
Get it? PUP-pet.

I learned this weekend that Al can watch baseball anytime now from his phone.
I've yet to decide if this is a blessing or a curse.

Dinner with great friends at Tortilla Flats.
It was us and about 16 bachelorette parties.
Worth it though, because it's one of the three restaurants in NYC that has cheese-dip.

Finished the night watching some live jazz at Arthur's.

Al and I started a new game where whoever hails the cab home on Saturday night doesn't have to go get the coffee and breakfast sandwiches on Sunday.
I won this week.
Makes it so much better when you don't have to leave the house for this.

Then hit up Central Park to show Lily the ducks.
She was in awe, but more with the horses than ducks.

Finally time for Mad Men!
What did you guys think?
With out spoiling anything, I'm not happy that Don went back to his old ways.
Loving Peggy's story line this season.

And I leave you with...
...wait for it...

Hope your weekend was top notch.
Here's to surviving this week.


{photos by me}
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