weekend recap

I just about skipped to work today.
Despite the rainy weather, I'm still floating on the cloud that was our stellar weekend.
Just one of those weekends that renergizes you and makes you feel good.

Here are a few pics.

Someone alert the media!
We left our house on a Friday night!
I wasn't even in my sweats until after 11pm.
Anyways, we went to one of our favorite spots, A.O.C.
I always like to sit so I can see the restaurant (mostly b/c I like to look at what everyone else is eating).
This meant that Al was facing the window and I kept seeing his eyes dart back and forth watching behind me as people passed by and stopped to chat.
For example, here it appears that some BBMak lookalikes are chillin' on Grove street.

Also, I got the mussels.
What's new?

Saturday morning I woke up with a vengeance.
Before 10am I had worked out and rearranged some of my bedroom furniture (normal).
So we spent a good chunck of the rest of the day at the park.
Look how beautiful it is all in bloom.
Literally took my breath away (and my sense of smell - stupid allergies).

A friendly reminder from Lily to stop and smell the flowers.
(How cute is her little tush?)

Spent the evening at the ballpark.
Al found it a bit striking that I wore pink pants and metallic boat shoes.
I mean, what else do you wear to a baseball game?
(P.S. In real life I do not have cankles...I don't think.)
(P.P.S. I sort of love that blonde woman's haircut.)

Sunday I wanted pancakes.
And when I realized I had a whole bunch of lemons and some fresh ricotta it was decided - 
lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry syrup (recipe to come!).
Almost like at Maialino.

Back to the park on Sunday afternoon.
Our attempt at a family photo.
About sums up everyone correctly.

For dinner, we went to City Grit for their amazing Sunday Supper with our friend Megan.
It was such an awesome experience.
We got to speak for some time with Sarah Simmons, the chef and owner.
You should go to there. Here's the schedule.

And here might be some of the best darn fried chicken I've ever tasted.

Fried chicken (and pimento cheese! oh how I love pimento cheese) makes us happy.

After that big ol' meal, I only made it through the first half of Mad Men.
I'm okay with it though.
A fried chicken induced food coma is the best way to finish the weekend, if you ask me.

Hope you had an sweet one.
Here's to a quick week. 


{photos by me, except for the 'american roses' by Megan}
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