weekend recap

A truly relaxing weekend.
Perfect amounts of productivity and rest.
Just what we needed.

Here are a few pics...

Friday night went a little something like this...

...followed by this...

...and ended with this.
(omg her demon eye is showing)

Saturday I woke up early, but stayed in bed till noon to finish my book.
I feel bad if I sleep till noon on the weekends, but I never feel bad if I "read-in" till noon. :)

Then it was off to the Yankees game.
We went early, obviously.
Because, as Al says, "you're not watching the full game unless you watch batting practice".

Yankees lost, but we met a very nice Aussie fellow who was on holiday.
It was his first baseball game, so it was fun explaining parts of the game to him.
It got a bit cold by the end, but all in all a great day at the ballpark.

Sunday I spent the morning cleaning out my closet and switching out the seasons.
This might be the most annoying chore ever, and I chose to do it on a cloudless, 60 degree day.
Oh well, I feel much better that it's done.
And may I just say, Thank God for Space Bags.

Thankfully, I was done with the closet by noon so we were able to spend several hours at the park.
Love that the ranunculus are in bloom all around the city.
They are my favorite (and also remind me of our wedding).

Diva dog giving up on walking six blocks from home.
You wouldn't believe the laughs she gets when she does this...
And the judge-y stares I get when I have to carry her home.

Came home to the pork shoulder I had slow cooking all day.
I now have arthritis from shredding what we call, Pork Mountain.

It was worth it though for this tasty dinner.

We were so full we could barely stay awake for Mad Men.
We managed to make it, barely.
(Also, has anyone else noticed that Chutney from Legally Blonde is Don's new mistress? 
Once I made the connection it changed everything.)

Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

{photos by me except for this, this, and this}
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