miss manners: lesson three

Time for this week's Miss Manners post!
I hope you learned from lesson one and two.  
Today we're going to discuss something that could seem a bit antiquated, but I think still matters.

Let's begin.
Now I know the whole "men open the doors for lady" thing seems super old fashioned, and probably something most people don't practice these days. 
But I noticed once I moved to New York City that the instances of door-opening are greater since we're constantly getting in and out of cabs and walking in and out of buildings and elevators with other people.

This had me constantly asking "Who opens the door?", "Who gets in first?", "Who gets out first"?  

I have the answers for you, my friends.
Let's take this one case at at a time.


Here's an easy one.
When entering a building/room, etc., the man should open the door for the lady, wait to let her walk through, and then follow.
(I sincerely hope we all knew that one already.)


When getting in to a taxi, the man should open the door.
BUT, here's the kicker:  
Most times, both passengers enter the taxi from the same side of the street due to traffic .
(i.e. the man wouldn't open the lady's door and then walk around and get in on the other side)
In this case, the man should get in first and slide over in the back seat.
You never want to make the lady slide across, as it could ruffle her perfectly assembled outfit. :) 


When going through a revolving door, it is actually the man who goes first, as his brute strength can help propel the door forward so the lady just has to walk and doesn't need to push the door.
(I love this one.)


When exiting an elevator, all men should wait and let all women and children exit first.
(i.e. the man shouldn't just wait for his lady to exit, but for all women to exit)
A man should also hold the doors open to ensure they don't start to close as a woman is exiting.
(I'm a stickler for this and give serious judge-y stares to the young men in my building who seem to have failed to learn this lesson)

So, what do you think?
Makes sense, I think.
And I love having my door opened by my gent.
I find it attractive when he follows these rules.

Also, who knew there were so many doors we encounter on a day to day basis?!


P.S. In case you missed them, check out lesson one and lesson two of this month's Miss Manners series.

{graphic by me}
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