friday finds

Happy Friday!
I'm having a hard time today, because I keep thinking about what I was doing last Friday when I had the day off.
Not the best good mood strategy.

One of those good weekends ahead, I can just feel it.
I'm going to kick it off with some fresh flowers, end it with Mad Men, and somewhere in between have a good soak in the tub.

Oh! And before we go on with Friday Finds, I need your help.
Could you please be a dear and go "like" The Rose Record's Facebook page?
I thought it high time this little site had a proper FB page. #legit.
Thanks much, loves.  

Okay, now on with the finds!

I couldn't stop reading this last night.
Very very interesting.
Also relates to the Susan Patton Princeton article that has people buzzing.
(A good summary of the debate here. (Thanks Cassidy)).

On a lighter note, I def want need this
(Thanks Elle)


Um. Tears at this.
Just, wow.
(But it also reminds me of when Carrie went to a similar exhibit in SATC. Anyone else?)

Genius! Why didn't I think of this?
(Thanks Courtney)

Have a splendid weekend!

P.S. Magnolia Bakery Banna Pudding Recipe!

{photo source}
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