weekend recap

What a wonderful weekend.
The perfect amount of so many good things.
Take me back please. 
Here are some pics...

Friday night, I couldn't figure out why this magazine subscription was in our mail.
Turns out, Al subscribed me because he thought I'd like it.
Sweet man.

After last week's Glee episode (am I the only one who still watches Glee?), 
I realized Al had never seen Moulin Rouge.
So Friday night I sang every word and cried many tears while we watched.
Al's review - "It was good. But that is a girl movie."

After Al pulling a few all-nighters and me putting in close to 60 hours last week. 
We were le tired.
Saturday we slept, snugged,played and read in bed until noon.
Lily seemed to be okay with it.

Then it was off to the park to enjoy the nice weather.
There were about 10 times the amount of dogs due to the sunshine, so I have no photo.
I was being a good dog owner and following my little rascal making sure she didn't get into too much trouble.

Saturday evening we met up with our friends for the (sad) KU game.
Loved being with all my girlfriends.
(I have pretty friends, no?)

Sunday morning French lesson.
I'm using the Babbel courses for my ipad and I love it!
I'm getting pretty good see:  "Enchante. Je suis Katie. Et vous?" ;)

Back to the park on Sunday.
This photo really captures Lily's spirit.
She's always a liiiitttttllle outside the group - we like to think of it as "independent". :) 

Had to stop to shop on the way home.
It's rather pathetic that she walks straight to the pet store door fully expecting to go inside and get a treat.

Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and corn for dinner.
Just like my Grandma Susie used to make.
It was strange, I actually felt her presence as I was breading the steak.
She's definitely one of the sources for my love of cooking.

New book for a new week.
I stayed up way too late reading.
I can already tell I'm going to really love this one.
(P.S. Just finished this book. It was hilarious, a little dark, and overall very entertaining.)

Hope your weekend was full of all the good things.

{photos by me}
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