friday finds

Do you ever have those weeks where on Wednesday it feels so. dang. slow. 
But then by Friday you're all "omg how is it Friday?"?
That's me.

Can't complain too much because the weekend is back!
We have plans to hit up the Pat Green concert with some Kansas and Texas friends.
Al and I saw a Pat Green concert together back in 2005 and it was the first time we said 'I love you'.
Presh, I know. 

Here are some fun finds from around the web to get your Friday goin'. 

I'm sure you've seen the Jennifer Lawrence post-Oscars video
but have you seen this?
She is too stinking cute and real and humble and I love her. 

I'm a sucker for etiquette.
Emily Post is up there with God and Robert Redford for me.
I'd never heard this rule before; but I dig it.

These would make a great hostess gift.

Pretty sure this is what Heaven looks like (+ Ina Garten, duh).
I have plans to go check it out. 
I'll report back.

I love Ben & Jen.
I love what he said to her in his acceptance speech.
Okay, now I'm crying.

Have a boot-scootin' weekend y'all!

{photo borrowed  from my lovely friend Cassidy}
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