friday finds

Happy Friday Friends!
Thanks to stock market holidays, I have today off!
Big plans to get a mani-pedi and do some serious damage at J.Crew. 
Perhaps the best way to spend a free Friday, if you ask me.

We have a fun weekend planned of lots of park time, a few parties, Easter service and brunch. 
Ooh! And I'm getting a much needed haircut and highlight (you remember how excited I get, right?)

Here are some finds from the web to browse while I'm bee-boppin' around town. 

My extremely talented friend wrote this article about how to have a work-life balance.
Did you know that women Millennials (ages 18-33) are among those to report experiencing the most stress and having the least relief? Yikes.

My other amazingly talented friend has added some cute hand-painted stools to her etsy shop.
I mean, how cute would this be for a little kid?

LOVED these 100 rules of dinner from one of my favorite blogs.
{Notes:  I need to do number 15. I already do number 18. YES to numbers 22, 52, 30, 75-77.  
87 made me laugh. And you know I disagree about number 44.}

This made me laugh.
A lot.
(Also, I have those spice rack things. They're the bomb.)

I'm totez trying this with my new cut.
Love blowing my hair out after all the damaged ends have been chopped.
Feels so fresh.

I'm sort of fascinated with behind-the-scenes drama on The Today Show.
Which means I read every word of this article. Twice.
(I still watch the show every morning when I win the battle of Today vs. Sports Center with Al.)

(Finished this. Highly recommend it.)


Hope your weekend is full of goodness!

(Sorry, I cheated)

{image source - I don't know these pups personally, but Lily and I wish we did}
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