friday finds

Happy Friday!
I have off the charts amount of energy today, as two of my favorite things are happening this weekend.
1.) March Madness - Rock Chalk Jayhawk times a million. 
2.) Ruby Easter! - my group of girlfriends up here, we call our selves the rubies (its a long story). 
Anyways tomorrow we brunch until the sun sets and spend some quality time together. 
It's one of my favorite days. 

Therefore, due to number 1 and number 2 listed above, I plan to drink copious amounts of champers. 
Here are some finds from around the net to browse while I'm drowning in bubbles...

Will someone please buy me/build me one of these?

My love affair with cute tea towels continues.
(Ha, get it? They call them "team towels".)

Tears when I read this.
Just. Wow.

Al, can we get a sea otter?!
Lily won't mind.
(via the daily muse)

This looks neat.
But also kind of makes me think of the mole people.

Have a happy weekend!

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