weekend recap

Well, our Weekend of Snugs was just what I needed.
Except I stayed up too late with the Super Bowl, so I'm not feeling all that refreshed at the moment. 

As I was working on this post last night, I realized that all we really did was eat and lay around this weekend.
Good thing we had that two hour gym session on Saturday. 

Here are a few pics. 
Thanks for your kind thoughts about Lily.
She is slowly getting better.
And was cone-free all weekend!

Friday night we busted out the pallet 
(for those wondering, this is what we call it when we pull out our sofa bed to lay on all weekend). 
Stack of magazines and Lily with her toy and we were set.

The eating commenced with Hill Country Chicken.

Followed by pie!  They deliver pie!
I may never leave my house again!
Saturday morning pancakes, because when you eat pie before bed, you need pancakes for breakfast. 

Four loads of laundry and a long work out later, and we decided to brave the cold for dinner.
I even blow dried my hair (a rarity these days), 

Walked to a new place in our neighborhood, L & W Oyster Co.
Very, very pleased.
Great space, service, and menu.
And homemade goldfish crackers!

On the way home it started snowing!
Insert regret for blow drying and curling hair. 
What a waste.

Sunday morning with snowy rooftops.
Just the way I like it.

The rest of Sunday was spent prepping for our own little Super Bowl party.
Buffalo chicken dip, southwestern egg rolls, and bbq meatballs.
Again with the eating. 

Lily turned destructive after we explained that she was too old to be in the Puppy Bowl.
She was not happy and took it out on her cow.

Beyonce, a blackout, and a banquet feast later and we were spent.
I kept a list of my favorite commercials throughout the game.
Cried at both the Clydesdale and the USO ones, so naturally they are the best.
Hope you, too, had a cozy weekend.
T-Minus five days till the next one.


P.S. Big plans of eating salads all week to get back on track. 
Just reading this makes me kind of sick.

{photos by me}
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