weekend recap

Welcome back friends!
Oh, what's that?
You had to work yesterday? 
Ew. Sorry. 

We enjoyed our three day weekend to the fullest extent, despite the below freezing temps.
Here are a few pics...

Friday night we watched House of Cards and ate Valentine's leftovers.
We're now to the point where we are rationing episodes because we want it to last longer.
While we did that, Lily worked on her modeling.
This is her "meh" pose. 

What? You don't enjoy your Saturday morning coffee and Barefoot Contessa like this?

We made it to flywheel in the afternoon.
Such a good workout, but I definitely have moments when I think,
"I'm going to die. Right here on this bike. Right now. I'm going to die."
(My new sneaks courtesy of my Valentine.)

Saturday night we headed to new(ish) restaurant, Mas (Farmhouse).
Best meal we've had in 2013.
Fantastic menu, great space, personable service.
{le sigh. I took no pics at Mas.}

Followed by some Sunday reading.
(I just started (and about to finish) this book. An easy, quick read.)

Sunday night we met our friend Megan for some Vietnamese food in Chinatown. 

We were in Pho heaven.
It was also fun to watch Megan order for us in Vietnamese.

I ate the entire bowl.
Go to Pho Bang, people.

Despite the 25mph winds and the 20 degree temps, 
We stopped at new restaurant Maysville on the way home.
Sampled a few bourbons to warm us up.

Monday we had full intentions of heading to this exhibit at the Met, 
but after watching Downtown Abbey late on Sunday, we were in a state of mourning.
(If you haven't seen it yet, I won't ruin it for you.)
Only one way to get cheered back up -- a trip to the park.

Followed by a successful shopping trip where, apparently, I was in the mood to buy cosmetics.
(*Note some of these were from my 500 point Sephora bonus and some were free samples)

A little Greek feast for supper.
Homemade tzatziki, lamb gyros, and Greek salad.
(Recipes to come!)

And finally, ended the glorious three days with homemade chocolate chip cookie sundae.

I miss it already.
Here's to a quick rest of the week!


P.S. Why didn't any of you tell me of the awesomeness that are chalkboard markers?
Making our chalkboard wall look totez profesh.

{photos by me}
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