weekend recap

Happy Monday!
Let it be known that I was not only on time for my 8:30 meeting this morning, but EARLY.
So this is what it feels like? I like it.
Despite the rain outside, I'm considering this day a win already. 

We had a great weekend, although the blizzard didn't hit the city too much.
I think we got about ten inches.
All of which have since turned to brown slush.
It's beautiful.

Here are a few photos from the weekend. 
By Friday evening, people in the city were freaking. out.
So I did what any normal person would do and dramatically ordered $50 of Chinese food.
We're still eating our way through it...
...okay that's a lie. I had the last crab rangoon for breakfast. Judge me.

Al was set to work late on Friday, but due to the storm he was able to come home early.
Lily straight up goes crazy when he walks through the door. 
I love it.
This picture makes me so happy.

Saturday morning we slept in.
By the time we made it outside, this was the only evidence of Nemo.
The rest was already salted and plowed away.
It was rather sad.

Saturday afternoon we went to a late brunch and watched the KU game with friends.
Stopped at home to take Lily out and have Al do a few things for work with full intentions of leaving again.
But, we never made it back out (shock).
I think I knew that was going to happen when I put on most comfy lounge-wear. 
You know, the 'ol I'm-just-going-to-put-it-on-until-we-leave-again move. 
"Borrowed" this from a guy friend back in 8th grade at a track meet.
I think it's from South's athletic department circa 1979. 
It is so soft and old.
(FYI, I didn't go to South, I was a Southwest Bulldog, obvi.)

Sunday morning breakfast.

Followed by church.
It cracks me up how Lily pays attention to the ipad only when our Pastor is speaking.

Made it to the park to check out the snow.
Lil only was allowed in the park for two minutes since she's still recovering.
She was okay with it. 
Diva dog did NOT want her paws on that cold snow and slush.

Stopped quickly to whip up this snowman.
Just kidding. 
We only walked by it.

Then it was home to make dinner. 
Lots and lots of veggies for a hearty soup
(recipe here).

A little Grammy watching, a little France planning and then early to bed. 
(To wake up early and be on time this morning! Yes, still giving myself props.)

Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Here's to a great week!


{photos by me}
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