valentine's gift guide: for the dude

After last week's Valentine's Gift Guide, Al asked me if I was making one for the guys.
I hadn't planned on it, 
But that didn't seem all that fair. 

He makes me feel loved and happy and pretty every day.
All the more reason to be a bit more thoughtful this year. 
Branch out from the standard here's-a new-plaid-shirt gift option. 

I've rounded up ten things any dude would love to get next week.
Al approves, too!

Comes with everything he needs - score pads, a solid-wood cabinet, and darts.
Perfect for the Man Cave, basement, or garage 
(That means this isn't going on the gallery wall, Al.)

Okay, I know this one seems random.
Our friend received one of these for Christmas and Al was obsessed.
I seriously haven't seen two grown men play with a toy for such an extended period of time.

More than just t-shirts from this fantastic company!
A slight upgrade from the Nike bag he's been lugging around since junior high.
Stylish, sophisticated, and the perfect size.

Great to take him into the chilly early-spring days.
Love the detail on the shoulder up top.
He can put it over all those plaid shirts you've been buying him. :) 

He'll need something equally stylish to go inside of that weekender bag.
For all his products in a chic (can you says 'chic' about man stuff?) case.

Because we know he still longs to be Don Draper.
Love the clean crisp look of this tie clip.
Will elevate his dressed up look from boring to fashion-forward.

Is it just me or are a lot more guys into coffee now?
He can get all gourmet on you with this french press.
Hmm...perfect for all those times he brings you breakfast in bed (or not...).

To use in the office or to write you love notes.
A real man has his own stationery.

Maybe your dude knows how to use the stove. Mine? Not so much.
This book has detailed instructions and explains technical terms.
Now he really can make you an omelet to go with that french-press coffee for your breakfast in bed.
(See how these gifts also work to your benefit too? Yeah, I'm smart.)

I consulted Al and the guys at work on this one.
A new box of balls to gear him up for golf season.
Apparently these are the best - unless he's a professional, then you need to get the Pro V1x. 
(See I did my research!)

I think the dude(s) in your life will be pleasantly surprised with any of these gifts.
Happy Gifting!


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