lily made it

Do y'all subscribe to PureWow?
If not - go join now.
It's a free daily email for (I love how they say this) "stylish women of substance". 
From everything from fashion to books to technology to recipes, it's one of my first reads in my inbox every morning.

Not only did I love PureWow before, but now I am truly their biggest fan because of THIS:
Yes, that's the one and only Lily Mayo featured TWICE in their email today for their new #purewowpups campaign.
This must be what Justin Beiber's mom feels like.
I walked in to a meeting this morning and told everyone my dog is even famous-er now.

Play along with Purewow! Here's what they say about #purewowpups:
 Got a trendsetting dog of your own? Post a picture to Instagram with the hashtag #purewowpups and we’ll regram our favorites. Don’t have a pup? You can check out other readers’ photos here. And be sure to follow PureWow on Instagram!
Thanks to our friends at PureWow for putting our shinning star on the interwebs.
Now excuse me while I go tag every Instagram of Lily with #purewowpups.


P.S. No Wine Night post tonight because this is obviously more important.

{image source + my mad Photoshop skills}

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