friday finds

Happy Friday!
New York City is currently in a state of preemptive-panic for the blizzard that's headed our way.
Lines for grocery stores, people cancelling meetings - all that and it's currently just sleeting. :) 
I'm hoping for a big giant storm with big giant flakes and a quiet, white city. 

Here are some links to browse while we're hibernating. 

Loved this interview from the actress who plays Mrs. Pattmore on Downton Abbey.
Fun to learn about the large set and large cast of one of our favorite shows. 

Did you watch the Grey Gardens movie a few years ago on HBO?
Well that dilapidated house has been redone and it's now for rent!

This made me laugh out loud.
So much truth.

I'm thinking about buying this for myself for Valentine's Day.
It's just so stinking cute...and sunny.

And finally, 50 DOG GIFS!!!!!!

Stay safe and warm out there, kids. 


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