weekend recap

Not a bad first weekend of 2013, I must say.
Quite cheery time, in fact. 
English accent courtesy of Downton Abbey last night.

Here are a few pics of our weekend.
Okay so technically this is from Thursday's Wine Night, but I had to share.
How amazing are these wine sippy cups?
I know what you're thinking.  

Friday night we stayed in and watch Homeland.
Clearly we're behind on this phenomenon, but still. WOW.
The only thing that bothers me is why does Claire Danes never have a ponytail holder?
Working that many hours requires one to pull the hair back eventually. 
For example, don't you think she'd be happier if she could put that hair up?

Saturday we went to a new thing we're trying this year - morning movies.
Saw Lincoln finally and it was spectacular.
Daniel Day Lewis truly is ol' Abe.
A little long though (seriously, what is with these two and a half hour movies?!)

Then it was home to put away the last of the Christmas decor.
I can't figure out where I put all this stuff before.
I must have been a bad packer this time around because I couldn't fit it back into the two plastic tubs.

And the award for most random Christmas decor item is....
my holiday utensil bucket.
Thanks mom!

Since I've been re-reading A Moveable Feast, I've been hungry for some good brasserie food.
We hit up The Odeon with friends for Saturday dinner.
Love me some moules frites.

Sunday morning we took care of one of our resolutions and watched church.
Also got to test out our new Bluetooth speaker.

Lily's favorite part was watching the baptism.

Because it wasn't too unbearably cold, 
we decided to hit up the park so Lily could tell her friends all about her Kansas adventures.
(And no, that's not Commodore, that's Ike. They could be twins.)

Then finally it was time for Downton!

And can we all pause a moment to talk about how stunning Lady Mary is in her wedding gown? 
We're also in love with Shirley McClain's character. Great casting.
Hope you had a jolly good weekend!

P.S.  I did a ton of cooking on Sunday for our healthy eating plan for this week. Stay tuned.  
Lots of recipes to come this week.

{images via me  and here and here and here}
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