friday finds

Woo Friday!
Love four day work weeks.
That one less day really makes the week go by fast.

We have a fun weekend planned with the best part being our annual Yankees Seat Upgrade Event.
We go and see if there are any unpicked seats in our section and we get to upgrade!
It's supposed to snow tonight and I hope it sticks so I can see a snow-covered stadium.

Here are some links to browse while we're up in the Bronx in 19 degree weather.

Looking for something to do this weekend in the city?
This looks pretty darn fun.

I got pretty worked up reading this New York Times article about Manhattan's "middle class".
I just had to keep repeating, "I love this city. I love this city."
It definitely has its pluses and minuses, though.

I've been reading a lot this year about the new Nike Fuel Band, but didn't quite get it.
Go over hear to my blog-friend's post all about the band and how it makes you move more.

Check out this awesome work, Darkened Cities.
Breathtaking. And kinda creepy.
(Also reminds me of Sandy.)

Have a lovely (and warm) weekend!

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