friday finds

Happy Friday to us!
Nice short week to ease into things.
I'm sure I won't feel so perky this time next week. 

No big plans this weekend except dinner with friends and more research into our FRANCE trip!
That's right.  
We're going to France in August. 
(And yes I'm starting to plan now).
More on that later though.  

Here are some links to browse while I'm busy re-reading Ernest and checking out  Frommer's

Can we talk about how spectacular this is? 
Make sure to watch the video at the top.  
It's the best part.
(And thanks to A Cup of Jo for the heads up.)

This year, resolve to make the most out of your weekends.
This can help. 
(Thanks to my sister for sharing.)

Have you guys seen this photo?
I mean, how powerful is that?

And finally, because there's only one truly good way to bring in the new year, watch this.
I remember when Lily was that little. :( 

Wishing you a cozy weeend!

P.S. DIY glitter flats!

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