weekend recap

This past weekend was our final weekend of "no plans" before we set in to the holiday season (and birthday season for me!).  
We cherished it by doing some of our favorite things.
Here's a peak.
Started the weekend with my favorite thing:  Margaritas. 
We were in serious need of a Happy Hour by Friday.

Saturday morning walked over to the (fairly) new NoMad Hotel for brunch.
Where I proceeded to order 13 different beverages (okay, really only five).

Obvi I got the croque madam since it's my favorite thing ever.

Concluded brunch with some coffee in the "Library" of the hotel.
Such amazing rooms and interiors.
Not to mention our food and service were spectacular.
This place is pretty much my new obsession.

After our leisurely brunch, we headed to get our Christmas tree.
We had to get a lil baby tree since our Lil Baby likes to eat pine needles.

Went home and put her up...
...on the table.

Added some lights and tinsel...

...and then the ornaments.

We thought about using our "star" as the star on top.
She wasn't thrilled with that idea.

Our favorite ornaments.
Can you guess whose is whose?

What a beaut!

Saturday night we met friends for BYOB Thai food.
Our meal was $33.  
Amazing the difference when you can bring your own $10 bottle of bubbly.

Finished the night with some karaoke, because, 
well, because why not.
(Also, may I just say that Al's and my rendition of Man in the Mirror is pretty phenomenal).

Sunday while Al worked, Lil and I did some chores.
First she helped me change the sheets on the bed....

...then she straightened/ate the garland.

We finished the day with some Christmas shopping.
Was pretty fun to buy a Barbie for our Winter Wishes child.

Then Lily demand we watch Elf to cap off the weekend.
So we did...
...while snugging (duh).
A lot of favorites all in one weekend.
Just how I like it.
Hope you had just as much fun.

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