ode to a candle

Twas the fifth of December, and all through the city,
People were bustling, and seemed really busy.
The tree was lit in Rock Center with flair,
In hopes that tourists soon would go there.

Lily Mayo was nestled all snug in her bed,
While visions of people food danced in her head.
With Kate in her flannels waiting for beau,
She had just settled down for a nice Bravo show.

When all of the sudden she arose with a jump,
She sprang from the couch to follow her hunch.
Away to the closet she flew like a flash,
Slid open the door and went through her stash.

The lid on the top of the old plastic bin,
Was cracked and janky and hard to open.
When, what to her wondering hands should she find,
But the perfect holiday scent, covered in twine.

With a little untangling, she worked fairly quick,
She knew in a moment she had found just the trick.
More rapid than eagles her movements took aim,
She dusted, and opened, and lit with the flame!

"Now Lily! Come, Lily! Now come and sit!
Come smell the sweet scent that mom has just lit!
To the side of the couch, the side with the bed,
Now let's sniff and snugs and I’ll scratch your head."

As calm as the air before wild Hurricane Sandy,
When it meets with the aroma it’s as sweet as candy.
So up on the pallet Lil and Kate flew,
With a mug full of cider and Andy Cohen in tune.

And then, in a jingling, she heard over the TV,
The fumbling and pawing of Al with his key.
As he entered the house and drew in the spice,
He smiled and hugged and said, “this is nice”.

He was dressed in a suit, from his head to his smirk.
And his eyes were all red from the law and his work.
A briefcase of memos he flung to the floor,
He seemed happier now that he had come home.

The apartment how it twinkled! The décor how merry!
The air was like frasiers, freshly cut home and carried!
Its cute little box was drawn up with a bow,
And the house was as festive as if it just snowed.

The wick of the flame burned bright in the dark,
And the smoke it encircled their heads and their hearts.
It was small in size, was green like mint jelly,
It warmed up the holidays, but never too smelly!

It was perfect in price, a right jolly good gift,
And Kate loved to give them, any occasion it’d lift.
A simple ribbon flourish with a twist of her hand,
She was ready to give with nothing to dread.

It went unsaid, but was never forgotten,
The joy the scent brought, to even the rotten.
And laying a paw on the side of her mom,
Even Lily knew the holidays were on.

“The season has begun,” Kate said with a kiss.
The candle was the secret that she’d almost missed.
“Thank goodness,” she said when she had remembered,
Happy Frasier Fir to all, it’s the start of December!


{photo by me}
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