friday finds

Happy Friday Friends!
And happy Birthday Weekend to me!

Celebrating this weekend since birthdays on a Monday should be outlawed.
No huge plans this year.  
Mostly eating my favorite foods - first Mexican, then Italian, then Burgers 
(don't worry, not all on the same day).
Calories don't count on your birthday weekend do they?

Here are a few finds to browse while I'm out gorging myself. 

First of all, this happened. 
And I've watched it about 20 times a day since.

Another amazing video that came out this week.
Some of this All of this hits kind of close to home.

Might try this on Saturday.
Looks easy!

This story is amazing and heart warming.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, dogs are awesome.

Looks like I need to add something in the 2013 Color of the Year 
to my birthday and Christmas lists.

Happy weekend!
Oh, and if I were you, I'd check back here in a bit.
Rumor is that gift guide number two is coming out in a few hours. ;)

{photo source}
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