birthday dreaming

I had a few people yesterday ask what I wanted for my birthday. 
I got some very lovely things.  
Thanks family!

But it is fun to day dream a little about all those insane gifts you want that are just a wee bit impossible.  

For example...

I'd wish for this amazing dress, no matter that I have nowhere to wear it. 

I'd wear inside my cute little house...

...while I baked myself this little cake

...in my pretty white kitchen.

After all that baking, I'd have to curl up with a book in my little nook...
cozy nooks

...with my still puppy-sized Lily.

Then this hunky guy would come home...
{photo by Tyler Wirken}

...with a bouquet of my favorite flowers.

We'd have a nice simple meal...

...with some of our new best friends.

We'd cap the night off with a drink outside...
Pinned Image

And then have family time on our giant pallet.

Nice birthday wish dream list huh? 

Don't worry, I was very satisfied with my cheeseburger, milkshake and 9:30 bedtime instead.  
Thanks again for all the love yesterday!

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