weekend recap

Happy Monday friends!
Happy to report that I'm at work and not stuck inside due to Sandy.
We had a great weekend.  
Time with friends, time snugging Lily, and lots of time eating.
My kind of weekend.

Here's a few photos of a perfect few days. 
I don't have a picture for this, but it's a great story.
Friday after work, Al and I were taking a cab home and we were driving down second avenue.
As we crossed 34th street, the lights just were gone.
I hadn't seen the no-power zones up until this point. 
It was spooky.  And really really dark.
Then, as we neared fifth avenue, we saw lights flicker and people screaming in the streets.
The power had come back on!
Was such a cool moment to see and you could feel the relief and happiness resonating throughout downtown.

It was eerie to wake up on Saturday to an empty house.
Missed our Sandy roommates.

Saturday night we stopped by a 'Welcome to NYC Party' for some friends.
Got to see Lily's boyfriend Commodore.

Then we headed to dinner with some work friends at the new Meat Packing restaurant, Abe & Arthur's.
Great venue and really delicious meal.
My favorite part was the donuts we ordered for desert with an array of dipping sauces.
I have henceforth determined I'll be concluding every meal with donuts.

Sunday was pretty productive.
I made a big breakfast for us...

...but then Lily made us get back in bed.

After our mid-morning nap, I did some work on the blog with the help of my supervisor, Lily Mayo.

She discovered the cursor moves on the computer.
Cue genius dog video:

Not surprisingly, barking at a computer screen wore her out.
Time for nap #2.

Finally got ourselves outdoors to go vote early.
The waiting room for voting was a giant warehouse where they keep all the voting machines.
Row after row after row of them all ready to be shipped out to polling sites.

Back home for some cider and Parenthood while dinner simmered.
(P.S. We are so totally obsessed with this show.  We've been watching on netflix and just finished season two. I cry at least once an episode).

Was a soup and sandwich kind of night.
Stay tuned for my broccoli cheese soup recipe.

And only one way to close out a cozy weekend.
Tate's Cookies and milk.

Hope you had a weekend of all your favorite things.
Happy Monday!


{photos by me}
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