weekend recap

Don't you love weekends where you don't really have any plans?
I do.  
And that's how it was this weekend. 
It was nice.
And I was pretty productive - even ordered my Christmas cards already!
Here are a few photos of our No-Plans-Weekend.
Friday night walked home by one of my favorite spots.
Hidden waterfalls in Midtown.
Oh, how I love your surprises, New York. 

And look what we got in the mail!
Now our holiday decor is complete.
If only we had a mantle on which to hang it.
(For those of you wondering, stocking is from here.  They have other doggie stockings too).

Saturday morning we headed to FlyWheel.
It was Al's first time!
It was fun and we both survived (although very very very sweaty).

Once back at home I prepped a double batch of my homemade meat sauce (recipe to come soon!).
Simmers for three hours and makes your mouth water the entire time.

While sauce simmered, I tried to snugs Lily during her afternoon nap.
Demon Dog wasn't really in to it.
That face!

Got a surprise FaceTime call from my sister who was babysitting these two cuties.
(These are my second cousins although I like to refer to them as my niece and nephew because second cousins sounds weird and very distant and we are, in fact, very close.  And yes, they're the cutest kids ever.)

Al and I wondered the West Village for awhile and decided to grab dinner at Spasso.
I got the amazing squid ink tagliatelle with mussels.
I sort of inhaled it which is why this photo shows most of it already eaten. Wups.

Hit up Bell Book & Candle for an after-dinner drink.
They make a mean Manhattan.  
Go and try it. 
You'll be happy.

Sunday morning called for pancakes...with chocolate chips.
Why the special pancakes? 
I was hungry for chocolate at 9am.
I blame the aforementioned Manhattans.

Of course I made Lily her own doggie-safe pancakes in a separate pan to ensure no chocolate would touch them.
She was pleased.

Baked a few of my favorite cookies...
(Look for the recipe tomorrow!)

...and wrapped them up all pretty like...

...and packed them up with baked ziti (recipe coming soon!), garlic bread, and salad to take to my boss who had a baby two weeks ago.
(Baby Emily was beautiful, btw.  So teeny!)

Back at home for some ziti of our own and Parenthood (duh).
Followed by tea, flannels, and a sleeping pup.
Nice way to end the weekend.
Hope you had a relaxing weekend.
Happy Monday!
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