friday finds

Oh, Friday, I thought you'd never come.
Last week's three day week totally had me outta whack.
So outta whack that I started talking weekend plans (brunch + Christmas tree + dog park) with Al on MONDAY.

Reward yourself for making it to Friday with these internet finds.
This choked me up hard.
Kindness is such a beautiful and inspiring thing. No?

Couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen reading about this wedding.
Beautiful.  Relaxed.  And 3D glasses!

Speaking of weddings, a great article written by a wedding photographer as he catches up with his former brides and grooms.
A seriously beautiful and insightful piece. 
(Thanks Tyler for sharing!)

And now to lighten things up, I was dying at this.
Totally changes the feel of the show, huh?

Wishing you a festive and homey weekend!

P.S.  Christmas List App!  Why didn't I think of that?

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