friday finds

Happy Friday, friends!
Still feeling like Lily girl up there after your Thanksgiving meal?
(That was her last year asleep ON THE TABLE.)
We're not there...yet.
Remember, we have our dinner tonight. 

Here are a few good finds to browse while napping and/or waiting in those Black Friday lines (as for me, I'll wait till Cyber Monday, thank ya). 
Saddening that in a month, NYC will no longer look like this.
Not looking forward to the brown slush that lasts until April May. 

It's not a Friday Finds unless I have some sort of hero dog story.

I have a thing for ampersands.
They're all over our house.
Thanks to my friend, Megan for sending me this
Some great additions for our gallery wall. 

This one is a submission from Al. 
He's still really upset about this season the last 20 years.
Hope you have a relaxing and family-filled weekend. 


P.S. What to do with all those leftovers!
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