friday finds

I used to be like this on Fridays….
And now, I’m even content with just this…
What a week.  
Could the above be anymore true?  
I still find it hard to believe we used to go out on Friday nights till the wee hours of Saturday morning.
Now I can barely make it to midnight while sitting on our couch.  

We've got a fun weekend ahead of wine tasting with friends as well as this amazing event
Here are a few links to help you make it through today. 
I about died when I found this online.
Stalking your favorite TV show's website proves to be fruitful. 

Stuff like this gets me every. time.
Dogs are amazing animals. 

My talented friend just opened an Etsy shop.
Check it out for great gifts for the holidays, new babies, weddings, anything!

Because I always know what restaurant to go to, and never what bar.
This is handy.
Happy weeknd!

P.S. Cherpumple!

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