dish dilemma

Did I tell you about the time I broke down in my elevator?
(this is the most recent time...I may or may not do this every few months) 
Let me share...

It was a cold and rainy night and I worked late so was exhausted more than usual.
Lily and I go for our evening walk around the block so she could pee in front of Madison Square Garden. 
(Really, it's her favorite spot. Right smack in the middle on the subway grate.)
So anyway, on the way back in, I pick up the mail and start going through it while waiting for the elevator.
The doors open and I walk in along with a man in a suit who presses the button for the 51st floor.
(And thus is much more important in life than me and Lil who are only going to the 15th floor.  
This is how my brain works).
I get to the stack of my mail where I see two post cards from Crate and Barrel. 
Natuarlly, I get excited thinking it's a really delayed wedding gift card or a special holiday coupon.
Instead, I see this: 

In case you can't read over-edited photos, they essentially say that my everyday china and flatware are being DISCONTINUED at the end of this year. 

Cue me freaking out to the man in the suit who lives on the 51st floor.
Me:  "How could they do this!  I've had it only a year!  What about when I need more later on in life?  What DO I Doooo?"
Man:  Ignores me.  Looks straight ahead at doors.
Me:  (getting more enraged and frantic)  "No really. What. The. F...."
Doors open on 15th floor.  
Man looks relieved.

By the time I get to our door, I'm breathing heavy (not just because I'm out of shape) and my heart is pounding.
I take a breath and call the registry expert phone number listed on the card.
I ask for a discount because I've decided I need to buy TWELVE more place settings.
(I might have an overreacting problem.)
The woman says no discount and they are not on sale.
I say that's ridiculous.
We go back and forth.
I start to cry...because... you'd cry too...right?
I hang up defeated and eat my feelings in the form of chips and salsa.

So, friends, I ask you...
Do I buy more place settings now for someday in my life when I can have more than twelve people over for dinner? (okay really we can only have four people over for dinner comfortably, but whatever.)
Do I scratch all Christmas gift ideas already suggested to family and tell them all to buy me a place setting?
Do I just let it go and hope that someday I'll be one of those people who can do the whole mismatched-dishes-anthropologie-look?



P.S.  #first world problems. seriously.
P.P.S .  Don't you think they should put these on sale if they're going to discontinue them?
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