friday finds

woop woop! 
It's Friday!
And y'all are reading this, I'm on a tiny Delta plaine headed home to Kansas.
So excited to see my beautiful, snuggy, silly, and darling sister, Emily.
Big plans of shopping, Mexican food, and KU HOMECOMING.  
I haven't been back to Lawrence for homecoming um, ever, in my four years post-college. 
I'm a little afraid.
But can't wait to have the best time with my little Emmy.
(Also, that picture is so so so old. Sorry I'm not sorry, sis.)

While I'm out pretending I'm 21, catch yourself up with these Friday Finds. 
Al and I have been quoting Phil's Osophy lines for the past two weeks.  
Such a good Modern Family episode.

Sort of obsessed with this wedding.
And not just because they have a frenchie.

To me, this house is pretty much perfect.
I'll take one for Christmas, please and thank you.

Going to test out this method for cooking pasta next Wine Night.
Interesting indeed.
Wishing you a festive weekend!

{photo circa 2004. I no longer have bangs. And Emmy no longer has short blonde hair}
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