weekend recap

Another great weekend.
Sometimes, I forget to stop and think about how lucky we are to have such nice times together.
Thanks for being my weekend partner, Al.  
They wouldn't be the same with out you (or Lily). 

A few pics from the past few days...
Friday Night we went out for a few drinks with co-workers at Lexington Brass.
I'm surprisingly used to having a husband who works a lot.
At least he was physically there. ;)

Saturday we went to the world's longest Yankees game (14 innings!). 
I left my phone at home too. 
So you don't get to see the cute picture I wanted to take of the baby in front of us in full Yankees gear.

After six hours away, we decided to stay home Saturday night. 
Al worked.  I made cupcakes.
And how could we leave Lily girl?

Sunday morning I had an appointment at the Rent the Runway Showroom.
Yes, you read correct, my friends.
They recently opened a showroom below their headquarters in SoHo where you can try on their dresses (by appointment only).
Secured my October Ball dress.
Happy that I went too because the one I was planning on renting looked wretched on me, 
and the one I picked out I don't like at all on the website.
Possibly nabbed a few other dress for upcoming parties. Wupsies.
Such a cute little show room. 

Picked up a taste of Kansas on my way home. 

Then it was time for our Emmy watch party. 
11 friends, tons of food, and a rather disappointing Emmy show, if you ask me (can Jon Hamm catch a break, please?!).
It was more about the friends and food anyways. 
(recipes for all this goodness coming soon!)

Someone couldn't make it to the end of the show...
...what can I say, she loves her mom. 
Here's to a swift week full of cold mornings and snuggy nights.


{all photos by me or Emmy Party attendees}
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