friday finds

Happy Friday!
I can't decide if this week went by fast or slow.  
Does that ever happen to you? 
We have a fun weekend planned ending in hosting an Emmy watch party Sunday night.  
Can't wait to look at all the fashion and root for my favorite shows. 
And snugs that grinning bulldog up there.

Here are some worth-your-time links from around the net this week. 
100% agree with Amateur Gourmet on this anti-communal table post
My favorite quote: "It’s a nice idea, much like communism was probably a nice idea, until it was put into practice. In practice, it doesn't really work."

I wish we had a yard (and a trampoline) so we could teach Lily to do this

I love bacon and I love old time advertisements.  This was right up my alley. 

Remember when I mentioned the actress who plays Phyllis from "The Office"? 
Looks like there's been an update to the story

After my mention of Lionel Richie here, a friend sent me this
Have a cheerful weekend!

{photo of world's cutest french bulldog by me}

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