friday finds

Happy Friday, friends. 
Hope you have some sassy weekend plans. 

We were supposed to be headed up to Martha's Vineyard, but it looks like rain all weekend. 
Instead we'll be at home with the sleepy girl you see up there.

Here are some worth-your-time finds from the interwebs this week.
I think I definitely need to order this beer-holder-snack-plate for Al for football season.

Wonder if we could train Lily Girl to do this
(Gah, I miss when she was that small).

Might plan a field trip to Queens and pick up some of Lidia Bastianch's favorites.

We've seen every episode of Seinfeld a million times.  
Look at all these famous guest stars!  
I think my favorite was Courtney Cox's episode.

Open a beer and dance to this tonight.
One of our favs.  
He is so good.

Stay classy out there, kids.


P.S.  Sloth Olympics!
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