friday finds

Happy Friday Friends!
We're off to Chicago tomorrow for my friend Amy's wedding.
And my first time being a bridesmaid. 
Pretty pumped. 

Also, Monday is our one year anniversary! 
Pure craziness, I tell you.
Best year. Ever.

Anywho, here are some gems from the internet this week: 
Speaking of anniversary, interesting study finds women drink more in marriage. Hmm...

Thought provoking article about how successful people start their day. 
You mean I'm not supposed to check email from the bed while snugging Lily?

Do you watch The Office
Check out the actress who plays Phyllis in her younger days. Sassy.

Al has a insane obsession with American Psycho.
I think it has something to do with his love of the 80's.
Check out Patrick Bateman's NYC as it is today.
(Patrick would be proud. We're going to River Cafe for dinner on Monday.)

Wishing you a weekend of love & snugs.

P.S. How to freeze and, a year later, thaw your wedding cake top.

{photo by the super-talented, Tyler Wirken}
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