weekend recap part 2

Like I said in our Weekend Recap Part 1, we had ourselves a busy little weekend.  Saturday met our friends early (8am is early to us) and shared a Zip Car (I still think Zip Cars are such a ingenious concept!) to the Jersey Shore.  Our friend Sara's grandparents have a house on the inlet, about a block's walk from the beach.  And no, we weren't near the MTV type Jersey Shore.  No untz untz, no GTL, and no Karma.  Just nice and peaceful and HOT.

Spent the day at the beach (with a quick stop back home for lunch). 

The sand always ruins my pedicure. Oh well, it was worth it.
That night, we hit up the farmer's market and store and settled out to prepare a Mexican feast of chicken and steak tacos, white cheese dip, guacamole, corn on the cob, and sauted fresh veggies. As I cut into our first avocado, BOOM thunder and lightning and then no power.  We prepped the rest of the meal via candle light.
I did get some great shots of the inlet after the storm passed.
A great day with close friends and we escaped the 100+ weather in the city.  
Thanks for Daniel and Sara for the invite!
Oh, and one last quick shot of the city view from the car ride home on Sunday morning.

{all photos taken by yours truly}
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