weekend recap part 1

We had quite the busy weekend.  Much more than our usual Friday: order-in, Saturday: Dog Park, Sunday: Couch. 

Our office was empty on Friday so I left a little early and snuck down to Al's office to steal him for a happy hour. We headed down to Stone Street for some Old Bay Fries and beers.
Earlier that afternoon, we made last-minute dinner plans with our friends, Abbey and Paul. Having sweat my entire face off on Stone Street and not having my purse make-up with me, I ran into Sephora for a quick touch up (please tell me other people do this in times of crisis?). After one I-feel-guilty-for-using-all-the-samples lipstick purchase, we were off to dinner at Paradou.
I had the mussels of the day and they were bdc (bomb-dot-com). The white wine and tomato broth had just a touch of tabasco. Perfect to go with the unlimited white wine special.  
(That's Abbey's Bouillabaisse in the background). 
Paradou is a tiny place. Seats about 15-20. We were there early in the night and it was pretty empty. When I meandered to the ladies room while shouting (you'd shout too after unlimited wine) to my waiter about how great the mussels were, the chef overheard me.  I stopped to chat with him in the kitchen about the recipe and he let me snap a pic (also, that kitchen is TINY). Thank's for being so kind, Chef Ari! 
(side note: I love calling people "kind", no one uses that word anymore). 
After dinner, we stopped by The Standard Beer Garden to meet friends. After a beer, Al and I naturally started telling our favorite Lily stories, which led to the four of us sprinting into a cab back to our place to play with Lily and listen to Al DJ his favorite Phil Collin's hits.  The night ended with some love professions on our chalk board wall. 
A very non-Rose Friday. It's always these unexpected nights that turn out to be some of the most fun.  Although, it did make for a rough drive to the beach on Saturday.  
Stay tuned for that in our Weekend Recap Part 2... 

{all photos taken by moi}
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