weekend recap

Another great New York weekend.  Went way too fast.
Friday night we had dinner at La Bottega at the Maritime Hotel.  
It was great to catch up with friends and the food was good.  
My only complaint, they rushed us. I hate rushed service. 
If I'm going to spend $150+ on dinner in a lovely atmosphere, don't rush me! 
Especially since the restaurant is huge and it's not like they had a line at the door or anything. 
<steps off of soap box>.

Saturday I brunched with girlfriends at one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Pastis 
(I sort of have a life-crush on Keith McNally, but that's another post, for another day). 

Croque Madam. Heaven on a plate.

Then I met Al at the Yankees game.  We have season tickets to every home Saturday game. 
It's great to be outdoors, have a hot dog and a beer (or two). 
My favorite part though, is watching Al's face. He's so stinking happy watching baseball.
We ended Saturday night meeting up with our friends for a birthday party. 
Karoke at Sing Sing + 80s prom dresses = dream birthday.

Sunday. We napped.
And we may have gotten Five Guys for dinner. Sorry for partying.

{all photos by me}
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