weekend project: jewlery organization

I have a project for you to tackle this weekend.  
I promise it doesn't take long and it just might ignite you on organizing spree.
Last weekend, as I tried to grab my new necklace off my necklace tree, the entire thing toppled over into one giant knot. I knew I could no longer live in such chaos (I'm serious).  

About an hour later, I had an organized jewlery box, necklace tree, and vanity top 
(okay, I may have gone overboard and also re-knick-knacked the entire bedroom).  
Amazing what a little refreshing of things can do.  
This week I've had fun wearing "new" jewelry that I rediscovered 
(and no, Al this doesn't justify a ban on future jewelry purchases).
Before and after of the vanity (ignore the awkwardness that is me in the mirror). 
Tip: You know those packets of spare buttons you have all over the place? 
Empty the buttons out and keep all together in an area 
(sorted by color if you're a nutcase like me). 
They take up much less space this way.  Pretty to look at too!
Happy organizing!
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