friday finds

Happy Friday, friends!  Here are a few finds I've hearted over the past week. 

(Remember, I got it when I gave myself a "makeover" at Sephora a few weeks ago?)  I have color #401. 
Moisturizing and the perfect red-orange. 
Similar to my former-love, Lady Danger (we broke up; she was drying out my lips). 

I don't' have a blender. 
I only use my stick immersion blender, so I was pumped to see this from my first food blogger crush. 
(I met him once!)

I'll be in Chicago this weekend for a bachelorette party. 
If I were staying in New York, I'd be dragging Al to see this ballet at Lincoln Center.

I wonder if this blog will let me submit some pictures? I love seeing what people are reading on the subway.

Beyond excited for the Emmy Nominations
I'm pulling for Mad MenModern FamilyGirls, and Veep.

Have a good one. And if you're in New York, stay dry!

{photo by me. That's Lils!}
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