an american love

Al's been reading Ronald Reagan's Autobiography, An American Life.  
He came home last night and read me the following passage that he said reminded him of us.  
If ever God gave me evidence that He had a plan for me, it was the night He brought Nancy into my life.
I have spent many hours of my life giving speeches and expressing my opinions. But it is almost impossible for me to express fully how deeply I love Nancy and how much she has filled my life. 
Sometimes, I think my life really began when I met Nancy.
From the start, our marriage was like an adolescent's dream of what a marriage should be. It was rich and full from the beginning, and it has gotten more so with each passing day.
Nancy moved into my heart and replaced an emptiness that I'd been trying to ignore for a long time. Coming home to her is like coming out of the cold into a warm, firelit room. I miss her if she just steps out of the room.
What a true and honest and lovely description of love and marriage. 
(And what a sweet husband!)
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